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de a promova activitatile de protejare a mediului inconjurator, a activitatilor culturale, sportive si turistice ale tinerilor, a actiunilor pentru respectarea drepturilor omului


Tip Asociatie
Numar inreg. National 5818/A/2007
Numar inreg. Instanta 37/RA
Data inreg. Instanta 07 May 2007
Numar Incheiere 1/CC
Data Incheiere 22 June 2007
Apartenenta Federatie
HG Utilitate Publica
Data HG Utilitate Publica

Adrese organizatie

Matei Basarab, 30,
Pitesti , Argeș


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Contact oficial:

   +4 0746 06 05 05

   [email protected]


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Who we are:

Asociation ZIMBRUL CARPATIN is an ngo from Romania that has around 50 members with ages from 14 to 35 years, most of them being students.

We work in 2 main area:

environment protection – we organize every year a big project in wich we take around 100 volunteers and with their help we clean the touristic mountain areas from our region. Also we organize seminars in the schools of our town where we present the bad effects that humanity can have on nature. Also we participate every year in a national campaign: LETS DO IT ROMANIA, that is organized simultanoius in many other european countries. We organize information campaign in our city and our region about the management of recyclables waste.

outdoor activities – we participate on a national championship, where teams of 3 members compete in some challenges like: trekking, orienteering, climbing, mountainbiking. Also we encourage every type of sports and so our members participate some time in competition local or regional like: footbal, basketbal, cross, etc.


What we have achieved:

From 1985 when the association has been founded we have:

○ founding member of Romanian Federation of Sportif Trekking in 1995
○ been a local reper on ecology behaviour for youngs starting from 1997
○ joined the Romanian Federation of Tourism and Ecology in 2000
○ winning a lot of trekking and orienteering competitions

○ become acrreditate according to the new romanian law for ngo in 2007
○ start to participate in Youth in Action Programme in 2007
○ get our PIF: 949695670 in 2010

○ foundet a new more attractif Trekking ChampionShip: „Mountains Relay” in 2012 –

○ get acrreditation for EVS programe in 2013 and again 2016: 2016-1-RO01-KA110-025192

○ participate on youth exchanges/courses training in: Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Moldavia, Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal

○ been HOSTING more then 14 EVS volunteers and send 1 abroad until 2016

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5818/A/2007 37/RA 2007-05-07 1/CC 2007-06-22

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